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Interactive Playsheets:
Interactive Online FUNdamental Playsheets for Building Literacy Skills!
Word Games
Our word play pages are language literacy based on our Laurie StorEBooks!

Click on each character
for their online playsheets!
Interactive Literacy Playsheets!
These pages * are for input of answers that yield a yes or no response page. Click on the characters and play!
*Chloe Chicken
Capitals, Contractions
*Delores Hoarse Horse
*Dixie Duck
* Gloria Goat
IB Newt in the Nature Nook
Ask Why?!
Inez Perez Comical Commentary
Word Play
* Lolly Llama Letters Librarian
Letter Play & Spell
* LuLu Bell Compound Cow
Compound Words
*Penny Punctuation Peacock
*Peter Plurals & Prefix Pig
Plurals, Prefixes
*Serena Suffix Sow
* Silas Silent Letter Lamb
Silent Letters

Trees Word Play Music Word Play Dinosaurs Word Play Clocks Word Play Long A Word Play Long O Word Play Short u Word Play Short e Word Play Short o Word Play Christmas Word Play Halloween Word Play Long I Word Play Mother Goose Word Play Short a Word Play Time Word Play Bugs Word Play Clothes Word Play Flags Word Play Long E Word Play Long OO Word Play R Controlled Word Play Short i Word Play Spring Word Play Bedtime Word Play Food Word Play
* Silas Spelling Spider's Word Web
Spin & Spell!
* Tennessee Tense Turkey
Word Play

Nym Hymn Chorus
Antonym, Synonym, Homonym
MusicSing with us!
Antonymns * Synonymns * Homonymns