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MotherGoose On The Loose
Answer Key for Mother Goose:
Note: Answers must be given in the right order
or the "not right" response will come up!

Sleep Sheep LaurieStorEBook

Lolly Sheep: Spelling   p r n p t  
Serena Sheep: Suffixes  sheepish sheepishly sheepishness
LuLu Compounds: Compounds sheepherd

LuLu Homophones: Delores Hoarse Horse Homophones   sheer deer shear dear

Peter Plurals: Peter Plurals Prefix Pig  lambs sheep geese ducks 

Color Cloud Cupboard  LaurieStorEBook

LuLu Compounds: LuLu Compound Cow cupboard cupcake

Jump Back Jack LaurieStorEBookJack's House LaurieStorEBook

Chloe Jack: ChloeCapitals Contractions Chicken don't j
Gloria Grammar:GloriaGrammarGoat gotta

Mary'sLamb LaurieStorEBook
Peter Plurals: Peter Plurals Prefix Pig  lambs sheep geese ducks 
Silas Silent Letters:Silas Silent Letter Lamb lamb thumb crumb
Lolly Lamb:
Lolly Llama Letters Librarian
b p m z n t v k
Can You Climb A Rhyme  LaurieStorEBook
Tennessee Tenses: Tennessee Tense Turkey present future past
Silas Silent Letter
Silas Silent Letter Lamb
b h
Penny Punctuation:
Penny Punctuation Peacock ? ? ! ?

Three Blind Mice LaurieStorEBook

Tennessee Tense Turkey past future present

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All On The Mat LaurieStorEBookLittle Boy Blue LaurieStorEBookFarmer Sows LaurieStorEBookThree Blind Mice LaurieStorEBook