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Blue Shoes Cruise
Answer Key for Long OO

Note: Answers must be given in the right order
or the "not right" response will come up!

BlueStewForStu LaurieStorEBook
Delores Homophones:

Stu stew blue blew to two too

Man In The Moon LaurieStorEBook
LuLu Bell Compound Words:
moonbeam moonstruck moonlight moonshine

Man In The Moon LaurieStorEBook Chloe Chicken Contractions: Contractions m
Man In The Moon LaurieStorEBook Penny Peacock Punctuation Practice:
 ! ! , ? "

Gloria Grammar Goat
  Grammar right

Two LaurieStorEBook
Delores Homophones:Homophones

two to new dew knew do too

Cruise In Your Shoes LaurieStorEBook
Peter Plurals Pig: Plurals shoes socks
Lolly Llama Letters Librarian Spelling:
Letters & Spelling e p t o w

ZooOnMoon LaurieStorEBook
Tennessee Word tenses: Tenses blew flew fly

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Blue Shoes Cruise
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