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Those Clothes
Answer Key for Long O:
Note: Answers must be given in the right order
or the "not right" response will come up!

MarcelloKnowsYellow LaurieStorEBook
HomophonesDelores Homophones: know sew so no sow
Silas Silent Letters: Silent Letters k
WildWildaWitch  LaurieStorEBookPluralsPeter Plurals: knows glows

ThoseClothes  LaurieStorEBookTensesTennessee tenses: blown sewn known

CloseYourClothes?  LaurieStorEBookPunctuationPenny Punctuation Practice: ? ? ? !

BillyGoat'sCoat  LaurieStorEBookCompoundsLuLu Compounds: warmcoat
HomophonesDelores Homophones: coat rote wrote cote
DefinitionsDixie Dictionary Definitions:
coat rote cote wrote

Silent Letters Silas Silent Letters: w h
CrowAtOurWindow  LaurieStorEBookHomophones Gloria Grammar Goat: I

OldFloCrow  LaurieStorEBookSpelling Lolly Llama Letters Librarian Spelling: g f b s p

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Those Clothes
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MarcelloKnowsYellow LaurieStorEBookCloseYourClothes?  LaurieStorEBookCrowAtOurWindow  LaurieStorEBookCelebrateLgO LaurieStorEBook
ThoseClothes  LaurieStorEBookBillyGoat'sCoat  LaurieStorEBookOldFloCrow  LaurieStorEBookRoachOnToast  LaurieStorEBookGroveOfOwn  LaurieStorEBookWildWildaWitch  LaurieStorEBook