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Kites In Flight
Answer Key for Long I:
Note: Answers must be given in the right order
or the "not right" response will come up!

Homophones Delores Homophones:
knight right rite night

KitesFlyHigh LaurieStorEBook
Compounds LuLu Compounds:
Silent Letters:
Silent Letters Silas Silent Letters: k b
Lolly fife: Spelling    n r v r l f   

Homophones Delores Homophones: high by hi bye

DwightLikesWhite LaurieStorEBookSuffixes Serena Suffixes: e

TheWhyFly LaurieStorEBookFly In My Eye LaurieStorEBook
Plurals Peter Plurals: flys eies

Homophones Delores Homophones: eye I y why

ThreeBlindMice LaurieStorEBookTenses Tennessee tenses: past future present

SightARight LaurieStorEBookHomophones Delores Homophones: right rite knight night

Quiet LaurieStorEBook
ContractionsChloe Chicken's Contractions: I'll
PunctuationPenny Punctuation Practice: ? ? ! ! !

WildChild LaurieStorEBookHomophones Gloria Grammar Goat: a

TheSlime LaurieStorEBookSilent Letters Silas Silent Letters: b h

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Kites In Flight
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TheWhyFly LaurieStorEBookDwightLikesWhite LaurieStorEBookSightARight LaurieStorEBookCelebrateLongI LaurieStorEBook
KitesFlyHigh LaurieStorEBookQuiet LaurieStorEBookThreeBlindMice LaurieStorEBookWildChild LaurieStorEBookFly In My Eye LaurieStorEBookTheSlime LaurieStorEBook