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Hi! My name's Pam and this is my little sister Jerisha. Me and Jerisha have Laurie Stories cuz of all the animals that come to our house. Click on the pictures below to meet some of them. You can hear them & color them too! You can also click on the pictures of our books to read some of our Laurie StorEBooks. It's fun reading with you!


Download our coloring sheet & color Pam & Jerisha!

Kelly Alligator
Kelly Alligator
Hear Me
Color Kelly!
Kyle Crocodile
Kyle Crocodile
Hear Me
Color Kyle!
Kelly Alligator
Kath the Giraffe
Hear Me
Color Kath!
Liz Wiard Lizard
Liz Wizard Lizard
Hear Me

Color Liz

Read & hear sample pages from these Pam & Jerisha Books!

Pam & Jerisha
Pam & Jerisha LaurieStorEBooksTM:
Click on each of the titles below to access sample pages!
Giraffe In My Bath  LaurieStorEBook
Elephant In Our Tent  LaurieStorEBook
Mink In Our Sink  LaurieStorEBook
Flock In Our Clock  LaurieStorEBook
Snake In My Birthday Cake  LaurieStorEBook
Chimpanzees In Our Trees  LaurieStorEBook
The Why Fly  LaurieStorEBook
Crow At Our Window  LaurieStorEBook
Dragon In My Wagon  LaurieStorEBook
Newt In My Flute  LaurieStorEBook
Dinosaurs In Dresser Drawers  LaurieStorEBook
Owl On My Towel  LaurieStorEBook
Armadillo On My Pillow LaurieStorEBook
Boar At Our Door  LaurieStorEBook
The Reindeer Were Here  LaurieStorEBook
Alligator In Our Refrigerator  LaurieStorEBook
Wombat On My Hat  LaurieStorEBook