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Hear Me The Color Cloud

I was sitting, just sitting,
when the Color Cloud came in and said,
"I am here, I am here. Here I am in your head."

The Color Cloud says we can color think.
Just see colors in your head like red,
green, blue, yellow, purple and pink!

Color me!
Download our coloring sheet
& color the Color Cloud!

Meet the Color Characters!
Scroll down & read pages from our books!

Color Cloud with Color Friends
Red Fred
Red Fred
Green Queen
Green Queen Colleen
Zak The Black Yak
Zak Black Yak
Myrtle Purple Gerbil
Purple Gerbil
White Kite
Lou Blue Gnu
Lou Blue Gnu
Stu Blue Kangaroo
Stu Blue Kangaroo
Tink Pink Skink
Tink Pink Skink
Wink Pink Mink
Wink Pink Mink
Marcello Yellow FellowMargo Yellow
Marcello & Margo Yellow
Fay Gray Stingray
Fay Gray Stingray
Round Brown Hound
Round Brown Hound
Powel Orange OwlPowel Orange Owl
Color CloudRead & hear sample pages from these Color Cloud Books!
Let's Read!
Color Cloud LaurieStorEBooksTM:
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Tink's Pink Drink  LaurieStorEBook
Color Cloud Clock  LaurieStorEBook
Color Cloud Tub Club  LaurieStorEBook
Myrtle's Purple Turtles  LaurieStorEBook
Fay's Gray Bay  LaurieStorEBook
The Queen's Green Dreams  LaurieStorEBook
Dwight Likes White  LaurieStorEBook
Marcello Knows Yellow  LaurieStorEBook
Blue Stew For Stu  LaurieStorEBook
Color Cloud Town  LaurieStorEBook
The Color Cloud  LaurieStorEBook
Color Cloud Castle  LaurieStorEBook
Color Dream, Color Team  LaurieStorEBook
Color Cloud Crawl  LaurieStorEBook
Color Cloud Cupboard  LaurieStorEBook
Yum Yum Color  LaurieStorEBook
Color Cloud Candles  LaurieStorEBook
Color Fly LaurieStorEBook
Color Dance, Color Prance LaurieStorEBook Color Cloud Trick or Treat  LaurieStorEBook Color Holiday  LaurieStorEBook Color Bag, Color Flag  LaurieStorEBook